With the energy of a hummingbird (1,400 heartbeats a minute!), the term multitasker was invented for Craig. He can spin a headline, pitch a media story, direct a tv spot, tweet a buzz generating 140 characters (or less) and suggest a new color scheme in the first hour of a Wednesday morning. He credits Diet Dr. Pepper. An Aggie since birth (Class of ’95 – a semester early!), Craig has worked to market the arts his entire career (except for a short detour at a Texas winery). Known as a “fast talker” in some circles, he was rendered speechless when bumping into his idol, Tony Award-winning actress Faith Prince, on the corner of Broadway and 46th. Curses!
Favorite Musical: Urinetown; Favorite Live Concert: Michael Buble

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Everyone at SoloShoe Communications agrees that Kass Prince is the smartest person we know. And we know a lot of people! Her last name is fitting because she royally rules over our “big picture” department. She’s a master strategic thinker always looking out for our clients’ best interests, especially when considering long-term effects of our creative. She’s a Baylor graduate with a BFA in Theater. Perhaps that’s why her ideas are so sensational!
Favorite Musical: Come from Away; Favorite Live Concert: Paul McCartney



A native Texan, Valery escaped the heat of the Lone Star State a few years ago and landed in the place she was always supposed to be – Colorado! Valery is a true creative – whether she’s penning attention-grabbing headlines or setting trends with her signature fashion. Her blog (Fiercely Blog) attract fans from all over the globe and proves extra appealing to early adopters. In fact, Valery may be the reason so many Millennials color their hair in vibrant pink and blue hues. (She’s been doing it for years people!) Craig has known Valery since she was a student at Texas A&M where she worked with OPAS. You haven’t lived until you’ve sat in on one of Craig and Valery’s hilariously banter-filled Facetime meetings. They’re epic!

Favorite Musical: The Producers;
Favorite Live Concert: Paul McCartney

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Let’s say this first. Ryan is not an actor. But he’s married to one! A graduate of the University of North Texas, Ryan comes to SoloShoe with 15 years of agency and corporate branding experience. Craig describes Ryan’s design work as “bad ass” to anyone who will listen. Ryan’s been doodling, drawing, and designing since he was old enough to pick up a pencil. A native Texan, born and raised in the DFW, he enjoys warm weather, tacos and the Texas Rangers. Like all good people on the earth, he also likes dogs, cooking, running and gaming. Oh and he has a beautiful and talented wife and the most adorable daughter you’ve ever seen.

Favorite Musical: Avenue Q; Favorite Live Concert: The National



From managing an ice cream shop on Cape Cod to managing concessions at Mary Pop- pins on Broadway, there’s pretty much nothing Kyle hasn’t done. We routinely wonder if he started working when he was 7-years-old. Kyle can flat out do anything. He writes, he budgets, he creates, he manages. And that’s just in the first hour of the day. An early riser, Kyle is the first one in the office almost every day and greets the SoloShoe crew with a smile and a daily message on his letter board. In his downtime (he doesn’t sleep), he’s an editor for Broadway World and directs/choreographs musicals at theaters all over the Metroplex. He’s a perfect fit at SoloShoe. After a few weeks, it felt as if he’d been here for years. His biggest challenge? Teaching Craig to dance. (Good luck with that!)

Favorite Musical: A Chorus Line; Favorite Live Concert: Panic at the Disco

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Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 10.21.42 PM.png


It’s no coincidence that Brenda shares the first two letters of her first name with the word brilliant. Because she’s just that. This Bryan girl tends to be the quietest on the team – letting her design and art skills speak the loudest. And, do they ever! A Houston native and Stephen F. Austin graduate (BFA in Graphic Design), Bren (as we affectionately call her) has over 30 years of experience in the crazy creative world so she actually remembers supplying “camera ready” art from ... wait for it ... a camera! But she’s all digital now.

Favorite Musical: Avenue Q; Favorite Live Concert: P!NK


Everyone at SoloShoe is fascinated by Sterling, a recent SMU grad. He is forever hunched over his desk staring at the computer working his magic on his latest video creation. (Don’t worry...we’ve ordered something to help his posture.) He’s quiet. He’s clever. And he nails his vids like an Oscar winner who’s been doing it for decades. But we all know that this is merely his day job. At night, Sterling goes wild! As the leader of a damn impressive rock band, The Happy Alright, Sterling commands the stage with his rock star vocals and crazy wild guitar riffs. But can he hit the high C like someone else in the office? You’ll have to check out his next gig to find out. See you in Deep Ellum!

Favorite Musical: The Book of Mormon; Favorite Live Concert: Green Day


Denise is the first in the office to say, “Sure I’ll take that on!” when someone needs help. Thus, she is our official “go-to” creative. Her social media game towers above the com-petition by creating engaging posts that get more action than the rest of the team’s posts combined. Like her pal Valery, her fashion game slays with thrift finds that Pinterest can’t compete with. She’s also a heckuVa birthday office decorator. Did you see “The Office” video she created on our Facebook page? It stars Craig as Michael Scott. (Shhhh...Craig thinks that’s a compliment.) Denise also loves a good ComicCon. Recently, her son Skylar sprinted by security to embrace Christian Slater. Luckily, Sky’s adorable so all was forgiven.

Favorite Musical: Hairspray; Favorite Live Concert: Drake