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Our creative direction, copy, design, media placement, social media initiatives and professional consulting services work together to promote your brand. 

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Craig Boleman

The Boss

With the energy of a hummingbird (1,400 heartbeats a minute!), the term multitasker was invented for Craig. He can spin a headline, pitch a media story, direct a tv spot, tweet a buzz generating 140 characters (or less) and suggest a new color scheme in the first hour of a Monday morning. He credits Diet Dr. Pepper. An Aggie since birth (Class of ’95 – a semester early!), Craig has worked to market the arts his entire career. A Graduate of Texas A&M University

Kass Prince

The Brains

Everyone at SoloShoe agrees that Kass Prince is the smartest person we know. And we know a lot of people! Her last name is fitting because she royally rules over our “big picture” department. She’s a master strategic thinker always looking out for our clients’ best interests, especially when considering long-term effects of our creative. A Graduate of Baylor University

Brenda McShan

The Visionary

It’s no coincidence that Brenda shares the first two letters of her first name with the word brilliant. Because she’s just that. This certified HUB vendor tends to be the quietest on the team – letting her design and art skills speak the loudest. And, do they ever! Bren has over 30 years of experience in the crazy creative world so she actually remembers supplying “camera ready” art from … wait for it … a camera! A Graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University

Ryan Briggs


Let’s say this first. Ryan is not an actor. (This excites Kami, Brenda and Kass.) But he’s married to one! (This excites Craig, Dustin and Sam.) Ryan comes to SoloShoe with 15 years of agency and corporate branding experience. Craig describes Ryan’s design work as “bad ass” to anyone who will listen. Ryan’s been doodling, drawing, and designing since he was old enough to pick up a pencil. A native Texan, born and raised in the DFW, he enjoys warm weather, tacos and the Texas Rangers. Like all good people on the earth, he also likes dogs, cooking, running and gaming. Oh and he has a beautiful and talented wife and the most adorable daughter you’ve ever seen. A Graduate of University of North Texas

Kami Gantt

The Generator

Often referred to the “go to” girl around the office, Kami knows how to get ‘er done! She has a knack for anticipating (and making) the tightest deadlines all while keeping her unofficial title of CIO (calmest in the office). She is frequently heard advising the more high-strung creatives to “simma down now.” This girl does it all and our clients adore her! A Graduate of University of Oklahoma

Dustin Curry


If he isn’t talking to viewers on his YouTube channel or talking to audiences as a character onstage, chances are Dustin is talking to folks about his clients. A natural-born socializer, Dustin knows how to get people talking - be it through word of mouth, social media, journalism or smoke signals. He prides himself on being in-the-know on what’s trending in the press and online, but still enough of an old soul to throw down an Al Jolson joke when necessary. A Graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Sam Bullington


So…Sam doesn’t show his pearly whites for the cameras. It’s ironic because he brings high-level hilarity to the office every day. You see, in addition to his gig at SoloShoe, Sam also acts and models. And according to Sam, models never smile. We’ll have to take his word for it since the rest of the SoloShoe team stands less than 5 feet 10 inches tall and calls for us to walk the runways of New York or Milan aren’t exactly burning up our phones. Did we mention Sam is 6 feet seven inches tall? As the official “director of first impressions,” he promises to greet you (rather in-person or on the phone) with a smile. Just don’t ask him to do an Irish accent. He’s working on it. A BFA Candidate at University of Texas at Arlington